Downtown Orlando

What isn't there to do in Downtown Orlando?  Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts has all the shows you could desire.  Our talented sports teams have state of the art stadiums to cheer on our.   From high-rise apartments and condos to brownstones to bungalows to old Florida mansions, you can have your choice of the pick.  Live, work, and play in downtown Orlando.  Go for a run around Lake Eola and drop the gym membership.   Paddle on the swan boats as you watch the baby swans hatch in their fuzzy ways from their nests.  Visit the pedestrian neighborhoods of Thornton Park for a great meal and a drink.  Wonder a little further and you will find yourself in the Milk District for some fun or maybe the Mills 50 district for some music and pan-Asian cuisine.  Downtown Orlando is the heart of the city and you can feel it's beat a-pulsing as you stroll the streets.

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